imb Mount Qomo娱乐地图品茶微信langma had long been a dream for Ma. She formed a squad in 201 4 but had to abandon plans to climb the mountain after a deadly avalanche, and a dev astating earthquake in Nepal in 2015 put paid to her mountaineering ambitions that year too. For the last six years, Ma has run an expedition company in partnership with Nepali climb ers, and it was her company which organized this year’s expedition for the Chinese trio. For her, the main objective of forming an all-women team was to chal lenge perceptions and break down barriers for women in the largely male-dominated clRead More →

ation for commercialization of 5G,” the ministry said, adding it will issue commercial 5G licens es in the near future, a clear sign China will soon officially enter the first year of 5G. “As always, we welcome domestic and foreign enterprises to actively participate in China’s 5G network construction and effort to promote application of the technology, and jointly share 5G development opportunities,” the ministry added. China’s big three telecom carriers are forecast to spend 900 billi on to 1.5 trillion yuan ($134 billion to $223 billion) in total on 5G network construction from 2020 to 2025, according to a report from the China AcademyRead More →

 the Global Innovation Exchange project in 2017 brought together by M icrosoft, China’s Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, he said. Habib said relations with China have also benefited Boeing, another major company in Washington. “There’s no question that China is the most significant destinati on for aerospace,” said Habib, as China “has the biggest middle class and it’s growing. Alon g with that comes a tremendous increase in demand for both passenger travel and freight mobility.” Habib also applauded China’s interest in Washington’s agricultural products such as apples and cherries, and specifically mentioned tourists and students from China. With the current trade disputesRead More →

 revenue collected by the US government through hefty tariffs on Chinese imports, has been paid almost entirely by US importers. “Some of these tariffs have been passed on to US consumers, such as those on washing machines, wh ile others have been absorbed by importing firms through lower profit margins,” the research said. Any further increase in tariffs will likely be passed through to consumers, it said. China and the US, the world’s two largest economies, have been embroi led in a tit-for-tat trade confrontation over the past few months. Washington threatened to fur ther escalate a tariff war and increased tensions by tightening restrictionsRead More →

Reportedly, the United States administration is considering extending its attacks on Chinese companies by blacklisting China’s largest surveillance equipment manufacturer Hikvision. If so, Hikvision — which has about 20 percent of the global market share and has been the leading player in the industry for seven consecutive years — will become the fourth Chinese company Wa shington has targeted after the telecommunications companies ZTE and Huawei, and drone maker DJI. Unlike the previous three companies, which the US administrat ion has justified the attacks on with the excuse 2019/05/22/shangjianxiachuicn-3/it is protecting national security, the premise for setting its sights on Hikvision, which serves customers inRead More →

More efforts are needed to make breakthroughs in core technologies, advance infor mation infrastructure construction and provide further impetus to the digital transformation of ind ustries, said a senior official at the Second Digital China Summit, which opened in Fuzhou, Fujian province, on Monday. Huang Kunming, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and head of the Pu blicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, called for more work to accelerate the research and de velopment of 5G, as well as promote the building and application of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System. Huang said achieving breakthroughs in coreRead More →

The call made by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, for more study of the May Fourth Movement, will help younger generations better understand the value of its spirit, observers said. Xi underlined the need to strengthen studies of the May Fourth Move ment and its spirit during a speech at the group study session of the Political Bureau of the C PC Central Committee on Friday, according to a news release issued on Saturday. This year is the 100th anniversary of the movement launch ed by young intellectuals and participated in by people from all walks of life.Read More →

Kim Jong-un, top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) supervised the test-fire of a new tactical guided weapon, state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Thursday. Kim “supervised and guided a test-fire of a new-type tactical guided weapon cond ucted by the Academy of Defense Science on Wednesday,” the KCNA reported. The design indexes of the weapon, with advantages of “the p eculiar mode of guiding flight and the load of a powerful warhead,” were “perfectly verified at the test-fire con ducted in various modes of firing at different targets,” the report said, giving no details of the weapon. “Tactical”Read More →

cting the Indonesian capital Jakarta with Bandung, is now under construction, after China and Indonesia signed an agreement in October 2015 to establish a joint venture to build and operate it. As a part of the Belt and Road Initiative projects in Indonesia, the high-speed railway is th e first to use China’s high-speed railway standards, technologies and equipment on a foreign line. It being constructed and operated by a China-Indonesia consortium of firms led by China Railway Corp an d Indonesian state-owned PT Wijaya Karya Tbk, and is to be funded mainly by loans from China Development Bank. The high-speed rail, the first ofRead More →

growth-and with good reason. China sustained an average annual growth rate of 10 percent from 1980 to 2011, unprece dented for a large economy. Since 2012, however, the annual growth has slowed down with the Government Wor k Report presented recently by Premier Li Keqiang setting a growth target of 6-6.5 percent for 2019. For China doubters, this is a “gotcha” moment. After all, the premier’s grow th target implies a 40 percent deceleration from the “miracle” trend. This seems to vin dicate warnings of the dreaded “middle-income trap”-the tendency of fast-growing developing economies to re vert to a much weaker growth trajectory just whenRead More →