icts appear to have a religious or ethnic basis, some scholars believe their root cause may be economic, with ethnic divisio s serving as a way to exclude other groups from access to scarce resources and opportunities. Whatever its so urce, inequality of opportunity has a highly disruptive effect on governance and hence growth. But these obstacles are not insurmountable. For one th ing, developing countries now have huge potential export markets in middle-inc ome countries, and no longer depend entirely on advanced economies for access to global markets. Belt and Road can play vital development role There is also a renewed awareness of theRead More →

traded and they can redirect trade toward one country, away from others. They cannot directly affect any country’s worldwide current account balance. A count ry that saves less than it invests will have to borrow foreign funds to import foreign goods to make up that difference. There are two ways to reduce the US trade deficit. A serious recession would reduce investme nt, but nobody advocates that as a strategy. The only other path is to change the US financial and gove rnment system to encourage increased savings. China has almost nothing to do with it. Ironically, the disputes between the US and China centerRead More →

nland, there was little effective therapy for the disease, and patients depended mainly on treat ment such as respiratory and nutrition supports, said Xiong Hui, Beijing Medical Association rare disease c ommittee member and Peking University First Hospital deputy director of pediatrics. Spinraza debuted on the Chinese mainland having been fast-tracked through the marke t approval process for rare disease drugs, which, available overseas since July, are urgently needed in China. The drug began the approval process in September and was issued a license in February. Premier Li Keqiang said in February that the government will step up efforts to gua rantee more than 20Read More →

 China but belongs to the world, has become an open and inclusive platform for international cooperation and a well-recog nized global public good thanks to the concerted efforts of the parties involved, Xi said. Calling think tanks significant forces for Belt and Road constructi on, the president said developing think tank exchanges and cooperation helps deepen mu tual trust, unite consensus and promote the BRI to achieve high-level development. He expressed the hope that the think tank network would develop in-depth academic exchanges to promote solid coope ration under the BRI and contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.Read More →

hinese sales of passenger vehicles, MPVs, SUVs and minivans in March dropped 12 percent on a yearly basis to 1.78 million units. This is the 10th consecutive monthly decrease, according to the C hina Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Changjiang Times reported. The MPV sector saw the largest sales decline, 20.2 percent to 130,000 units in the pas t month, while SUVs and sedans dropped 10.7 and 12 percent, respectively. The decreases in 2019’s first quarter are mild compared with those at the end of the last year, CPCA said. As the State-VI emission standards will be implemented from July 1 this year, some Japanese brandsRead More →

  Military tensions in the disputed region of Kashmir have erupted in recent weeks, with India and Pakistan painting different versions of events.   One thing we do know for certain is that an Indian pilot, identified as Wing Commander Abhinandan, was captured by Pakistan aft er his plane was shot down in a dogfight earlier this week between Pakistani and Indian warplanes over the ceasefire line in Kashmir.   He was due to be handed back to India on Friday afternoon, at a famous border post in the village of Wagah.   While Indian-controlled Kashmir and Pakistani-controlled Kashmir are separate d by a 435-mile de facto border knownRead More →

  snapping a selfie of the group as they took their seats in the House of Commons. But non e of the group asked a question of the Prime Minister, as she appeared before MPs for her weekly grill ing, and the defections were barely addressed. The mood in the House of Commons seemed more subdued than usual.   The closest May came to acknowledging the issue was when she attacked Corbyn over anti-Semitism in his party, cited as a reason for some of the defectors leaving his party.   May said she never thought she would see the day when “a once proud Labour party was accusedRead More →

  Zhenhua trilogy: “hello old days”, “born like the orange of huainan” and “best we”;But rec ently the born like the orange of huainan in the 3 point, nangang campus school students post directly to each ot her on the Internet without quality, and disrupt the normal school students, and cast to “affect the radio” don’t call n ormal school students, and students also disturb students during my lunch break to rest.   And also showed the female classmate on the toilet by unscrupulous cast and drag and drop, the arm was pinched, bask in the arm device photo of green, the source is also in thisRead More →

Chen Kun is a very sensitive, delicate, high-performance, showing a unique melancholy temperament. Even playing the soft role of “Yuhua Tian” can surprise many girls. Recently, when Chen Kun participated in an event, fans and passers-by all knew that Chen Kun would appear. Everyone was surrounded by three layers of interior and three layers of periphery. When Chen Kun appeared under the protection of staff and bodyguards, the crowd immediately burst into excitement. Everyone was calling Chen Kun’s name, hoping that the idol could see his side. Chen Kun wore a black down suit that day. His long black hair was also pinched by aRead More →

the last chapter closed with the arrival of Li Yue who shouted out falsely that the army was that of the two arch rebels Li Jue and Guo Si come to capture the imperial cavalcade. But Yang Feng recognized the voice of Li Yue and bade Xu Huang go out to fight him. Xu Huang went and in the first bout the traitor fell. The White Wave rebels scattered, and the travelers got safely through Zhiguan Hills. Here the Governor of Henei, Zhang Yang, supplied them plentifully with food and other necessaries and escorted the Emperor to Zhidao. For his timely help, the Emperor conferredRead More →