n for a year, but some on Brady’s committee had pushed for those rules to be change d in order to try to force her out earlier if she refused to set out a clear departure date. Boris Johnson, the face of the campaign for Britain to leave the Europea n Union, said he would stand as a candidate to replace May as Conservative leader. May’s Brexit deal has been rejected three times by parliament, and weeks of talks with the opposition Labour Party, the idea of which was deeply unpopular with many Conservatives, have failed to find a consensus on the way forward. ARead More →

China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and latest nuclear submarines, destroyers and fighter jets will join the parade, Qiu said. “Some vessels will make their debut for the first time,” Qiu added. Altogether 32 Chinese vessels and 39 warplanes will take part in the event, according to Qiu. The vessels will sail in six groups, namely, those of submar ines, destroyers, frigates, landing ships, auxiliary ships, and aircraft carrier. The planes will fly in 10 echelons, showcasing aircraft for early warning, reconnaissance, anti-submarine patrol, as wel l as bombers, fighters, carrier-based fighters, and carrier-based helicopters, Qiu said. More than 60 countries will send delegations toRead More →

when the late Qing Dynasty residence of Wu Lu, the province’s last zhuangyuan (top scorer on imperial examinations), was damaged. Fire this year also destroyed a bridge dating from four centuries ago in Nanping, Fuji an, a Qing Dynasty residence in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and an office structure from the 1930s in Fuzhou, Jiangxi. The operators of the sites hit by fire will be responsible for the dam age, said the heritage administration. “Electrical faults and loose supervision over the use of fire during renovation are the main reasons” for the damage, the administration’s statement said. Though the fire at Notre Dame is under investigation, FrencRead More →

 reports that India decided not to send a delegation to the second Belt and Road Forum for Internati onal Cooperation later this month in Beijing. The reports said the initiative undermines the South Asia n nation’s sovereignty via the BRI-related China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Lu said that, “If this decision about whether to participate in building the Belt and Road was possibly made through a misunderstanding”, China firmly and sincerely advances the constr uction of the Belt and Road on the basis of consultation and contribution for shared benefits. He added that the initiative is open to all parties that are inter ested in and willingRead More →

Rising registrations and better technology improve prospects of quicker availability When Zhao Xueming, a middle school math teacher in Beij ing, knew he had late-stage liver cancer in February last year, he felt despair. “I was scared to the soul, and I thought about death every day,” he said. By then, Zhao, who was 36 at the time, had received various treatme nts at Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital for four months. However, he believed he had s ome other liver disease, since his parents, in order to avoid frightening him, never told him the truth. “The treatments didn’t work well,” he said. “At l ZhaoRead More →

US senators sharply questioned regulatory officials on Wedne sday about the Federal Aviation Administration’s reliance on Boeing Co’s engineers to cert ify the safety of the company’s new 737 Max 8 aircraft, which was involved in two fatal crashes in the past five months. A self-certification procedure called Organization Designation Authorization came under scr utiny at a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee’s aviation subcommittee in Washington. Testifying wer e Daniel Elwell, acting FAA administrator; Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Saf ety Board; and Calvin Scovel III, Transportation Department inspector general. For decades, the FAA has delegated some authority for certifying new aircraftRead More →

  India’s second-richest man is giving billions to charity in what may be the country’s biggest single donation ever.   Azim Premji, the billionaire chairman of Wipro (WIT), is handing shares in the tech company worth nearly 530 billion rupees ($7.5 billion) to his philanthropic foundation.   The tech tycoon has now donated a total of $21 billion to the Azim Premji Foundat ion over several years, including 67% of Wipro’s shares, the foundation said in a statement.   Premji, 73, has a fortune of more than $18 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.   He was the first Indian to sign the Giving Pledge, a campaign started byRead More →

On January 29, 2019, the new trial in 21 years, henan xiayi farmers yu-xi zhang kills involved, etc. To open a court session.In the afternoon, surging news fr om yu-xi zhang attorney understands, Xia Yi court justice after the hearing in court to make a sentence: yu-xi zhang innocence. Yu-xi zhang data diagram Surging news previously reported, in 1992, yu-xi zhang involved in ne ighborhood fighting issue, the other one person died, he was caught later.On May 19, 1997, five years later, xiayi court yu -xi zhang with his cousin and others carrying iron fork and hit the top of the victim’s forehead, that theRead More →

  Love to watch comedy friends must have for Shen Teng this name is very familiar with, in today’s flowers come dian outbreak, he and his team of happy twist is one of the best.Comfortable spri ng evening since the first time to show the audience, they more and more exc ellent works, word of mouth is getting better and better.Now, they all team film ou t several, every one can get good grades.So why Shen Teng can achieve such a success?Because he is play essence of this right.   Shen Teng comedy face land, everywhere, even on a magazine cover is Shen Teng style, let aRead More →

  On January 25th morning, a public source says shenzhen lotus park near kite square as the murder of litchi Lin, a young woman in a litchi tree hanged, for unknown reasons.The reporter understands, the dead wearing a white coa t and black pants.Mr Fukuda police confirmed the woman out of homicide, the reason is still under further investigation.   It is reported that on January 25, 2019, 8 a.m., shenzhen litchi Lin near the lotu s park, a young woman hanged, the police are the field forensics, and pull up the warning line.Residents found the po lice at the scene when morning exercise, according to peopleRead More →