tedly part of the French destiny and the project we will have for the coming years … a national subscription will be launched, and well beyon d our borders we will appeal to the greatest talent, and there are many who will come to contribute and rebuild,” Macron said. We will rebuild Notre Dame, because that’s what French people e xpect, because it’s what our history deserves and because it’s our deep destiny,” he added. Already, two of France’s wealthiest men have pledged large donations. Billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of the Ke ring group, which owns fashion brands including Gucci, Yves Saint LaurentRead More →

is a shoebox of a shop tucked away in a small alley in downtown Beijing. And those who do find it will qui ckly be disabused of the quaint notion that old-style phonographic recordings have gone the way of the dinosaur. nstead the 100-square-meter shop prides itself on being an independent distributor of vinyl records and other musical recordings. In the basement Yang greets his fans, who have already bought the new album, either as vinyls or cassettes. “I am impressed by the cover design of the new album,” says a rou nd-faced young man with black-framed glasses. “It’s usually the first reason for meRead More →

 in all sectors fell back to low levels, and PE/VC investors turned more cautious. Although TMT secto rs saw a big drop in deal numbers and value compared with the first half amid the lackluster PE/VC inves tment market, they remained the leaders among all sectors,” Gao Jianbin, PwC China TMT leader said. The report also said similar to the first half of 2018, the num ber of PE/VC deals involving startups was the biggest among all categories in the second half, while compan ies in the expansionary period received the largest investment in terms of deal value. Investors adopted a strate gy to avoidRead More →

  move like this that would even give the appearance of support to the incumbent pri me minister is — it will be viewed by some as problematic,” said Jonathan Schanzer, an expert at the Fo undation for Defense of Democracies who has previously called for the US to recognize the Golan Heights.   But Schanzer pointed out that past US presidents have also sought to sway Israeli electi ons. President Bill Clinton, for example, invited Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres to the White Ho use to sign an anti-terror pact at the White House just under a month before Peres faced reelection.   Trump, though — whoRead More →

that a stay of less than 24 hours on the mainland will not be counted as a day, and the count started from Jan. 1 this year. The adjustment marked more generous tax exemptions on overseas-sourced incomes of foreigne rs and non-mainland citizens working in the mainland. The move will attract more foreign investm ent and overseas talent to work in the mainland, the STA said in a statement on its website. Previously, the exemption was for tax residents who have lived on the mainland for less than five years.A house collapse triggered by a lan dslide in North China’s Shanxi province has caused 10Read More →

many Chinese leave their hometowns to make a living in big cities, where they live alone. This makes it inevitable that they will do things on their own at times. “Due to life’s stresses, sometimes they will actively look for the chance to escape from social interaction to enjoy solitude. As a re sult, dining, traveling and singing karaoke or watching movies alone has become more common,” she said. Chen added that the perception of single people has witnessed profound changes, as there is no longer any stigma attached to them and many prefer to remain alone. “Whether in TV shows or movies, there areRead More →

will become a “5G smart square”. According to the report, 5G networks not only have better signals and faster download speeds, but also have a far-reaching impact on large tourist attr actions such as Tian’anmen Square and the Palace Museum. In addition to meeting the needs of high-speed internet ac cess and mobile payment, 5G network can also support 4K HD video calling, ultra-high-definition (UHD) multi-c hannel video transmission and other services, so as to bring better experiences for the general public and tourists. The Beijing branch of China Unicom has jointly carried out 4K HD image transmi sion of some famous scenic spots inRead More →

she would not keep quiet in exchange for various conditions and the Western media is backing her stand. The Swedish Mi nistry of Foreign Affairs said it already launched an internal investigation into Lindstedt, who had been appointed for an other position in the Swedish government in March. Lindstedt has now been recalled to her country. Is Angela Gui telling the truth? The Chinese Embassy in Sweden has responded that China has never and will never authorize anyone to be in contact with her. China handled Gui’s case in accordance with the law and legal p rocedures. People need to be aware of Angela’s uniqueRead More →

bers,” were among those who were killed in the attack. The police claimed that Kamah, an alleged member of the Abu Sayyaf’s Ajan g-Ajang sub-group, was seen near the church moments before the explosions. Albayalde said the attack was plotted as early as between Jan. 8. and Jan. 21. “An identified Asian couple believed to be ho led in Lampinigan island for a few days sailed to Jolo on Jan. 24 by pump boat to meet up with other suspects.” From fragments and components recovered at the scene, Albayalde said forensic technic ians concluded that the bombs were made by pipes that contained “possible ammoniumRead More →

What are the requirements for network anchor in while she was on dress?What are the requirements for minors network alone li ve out?In the future, these are standard can depend on.Standardization institute and wuhan city, hubei province 28 i n wuhan software industry association jointly issued the “live online platform management norms” and “live webcast anchor management nor ms”.This is our country formally launched the first network broadcast group standards. The two specification contains live platform platform for the anchor monitoring, account supervision, insp ections, and other aspects of content, and the dress code of anchor, access standards, broadcast content of the spec ification.The liveRead More →