heavenly horse-located in the suburban Songjiang district, is the largest omnibearing movable telescope in Asia an d is ranked third in the world in comprehensive performance. It began providing celestial observations in 2012. While Tianma was not directly involved in the observations that led to the black hole image, its ability to see other phenome na in the universe on certain wavelengths, contributed to the precise calibration of the final data for the image, s cientists in Shanghai said. Tianma is part of the East Asia Very Long Baseline Interferometry Network, or EAVN. Shen Zhiqiang, head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ S hanghai AstronomicalRead More →

Using the database, researchers are able to carry out automatic facial recognition on panda faces to tell one animal from another, the center said. Panda researchers hope algorithms and AI technology will help them analyze data on pandas both in captivity and the wild. The app and database will help us gather more precise and well-rounded data on the population, distributi on, ages, gender ratio, birth and deaths of wild pandas, who live in deep mountains and are hard to track,” said Chen Peng, a researcher w ith the base who co-authored a paper on “Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Database.” “It will definitelyRead More →

skiing training and the number will continue to rise, with expectations of 70,000 enrolled by the end of this year, he added. He also said Yanqing has built more ski runs over the last two years, based on seasonal features and site conditions. Some important events and testing activities are expected to be he ld in Yanqing – for example, the 14th National Winter Games Alpine skiing speed events in 2020. Zheng, the deputy commissioner, said schools in Yanqing also created some outdoor ice rinks when winter weather cond itions allowed, while in summer, manmade ice would be a good choice for campuses to openRead More →

ion as of the end of last year. Nearly 70 percent held a junior colleg e degree or above, accounting for almost half of all healthcare professionals, she said. Last year, there were 150 million people 60 years or above living with chronic diseases in China. Of those, 44 million were fully or partially disabled and in need of regular nursing services, she said. “With more nurses and nurse’s aides, the demand for nursing services from the elderly will be gradually met,” she said. The commission will also encourage community health centers to provide more nursing services for the e lderly in neighborhoods, Jiao said.Read More →

What impressed me most is that President Xi highlighted the importance of sustainable d evelopment. The hosting of the Horticultural Expo is the best chance to raise people’s attention to the conce pt of sustainability, both in China and around the world.President Xi outlined his commitment to open and gre en development as well as underlined China’s dedication to conserving the ecosystem now and for generations to come. Xi’s call for countries to work together for the common goal o f improving the global ecosystem aligns well with the Paris Agreement. This is an excellent foll ow-on from the commitment outlined in the communique fromRead More →

 beneath the surface of the anti-China theory. I have not criticized the Australian government fo r banning foreign campaign donations or requiring representatives of foreign governments to register with the authorities. On Hua wei, I am neutral. Who knows what evidence was considered by the Australian National Security Committee of th e Cabinet to justify the ban on the world’s biggest telecommunications company as a supplier of 5G equipment? Publicity conflated, tinged with racism But, as Evans says, a lot of the publicity has been conflated, even tinged with racism. Take the following examples: In 2017, former China correspondent for Fairfax John Garnaut alleged tRead More →

 through Sri Lanka on Sunday has risen to 359, according to a police report released on Wednesday. While mourning alongside Sri Lankans, the world community needs to shore up greater reso lve and build a broader consensus to counter extremism and terrorism worldwide. The terrorist attacks in various locations in the South Asian country o n the same day must have required a lot of planning, and i t is believed they were the result of collaboration between domestic and overseas extremists. This series of terrorist attacks follows the attacks on two mosques in Christc hurch, New Zealand, and both tragedies should not only soundRead More →

tedly part of the French destiny and the project we will have for the coming years … a national subscription will be launched, and well beyon d our borders we will appeal to the greatest talent, and there are many who will come to contribute and rebuild,” Macron said. We will rebuild Notre Dame, because that’s what French people e xpect, because it’s what our history deserves and because it’s our deep destiny,” he added. Already, two of France’s wealthiest men have pledged large donations. Billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of the Ke ring group, which owns fashion brands including Gucci, Yves Saint LaurentRead More →

is a shoebox of a shop tucked away in a small alley in downtown Beijing. And those who do find it will qui ckly be disabused of the quaint notion that old-style phonographic recordings have gone the way of the dinosaur. nstead the 100-square-meter shop prides itself on being an independent distributor of vinyl records and other musical recordings. In the basement Yang greets his fans, who have already bought the new album, either as vinyls or cassettes. “I am impressed by the cover design of the new album,” says a rou nd-faced young man with black-framed glasses. “It’s usually the first reason for meRead More →

 in all sectors fell back to low levels, and PE/VC investors turned more cautious. Although TMT secto rs saw a big drop in deal numbers and value compared with the first half amid the lackluster PE/VC inves tment market, they remained the leaders among all sectors,” Gao Jianbin, PwC China TMT leader said. The report also said similar to the first half of 2018, the num ber of PE/VC deals involving startups was the biggest among all categories in the second half, while compan ies in the expansionary period received the largest investment in terms of deal value. Investors adopted a strate gy to avoidRead More →