with five suburban districts of Tongzhou, Yanqing, Changping, Huairou and Shunyi upgrading it to yello w alert later. These areas were hit with strong winds as high as 8-9 grades, with gales reaching 10 grade at some places. According to forecast, the wind could still be as high as 7-8 grades on Monday. The gale toppled a wall near Dongzhimen Bridge in downtown Beijing, hitting three pedestrians, two males and one female. Two of them died at the scene and one at hospital, Dongcheng District said via Sina Weibo. Food delivery service Meituan said one of its deliverymen was hit and killed by a fallenRead More →

Liu Ruilin, Party secretary and president of Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University, has been re moved from his positions after five babies died and 14 fell ill during an enterovirus outbreak at the hospital. The five newborns who died had other underlying diseases, such as pneumonia, before contracti ng the virus, according to a statement from the Guangdong Health Commission on Saturday. Thirteen of the sick babies have been discharged from the hospital, wh ile the other one continues to be treated and is in a stable condition, the commission said. An investigation determined that the case became serious becaus e of the combinationRead More →

e hospital was ordered to solve management problems rela ting to the case, check on the condition of the surviving babies and console the parents. A deputy director of the health bureau of the Shunde district of F oshan, Guangdong, was also fired, and others deemed responsible were punished. No new case has been reported in the hospitals that have treated the affected babies. The provincial health commission has ordered all t he medical institutions in the province to check their infection-control procedures. The viral strain that affected the infants was identified by the commission as Echo 11. It is an intestinal virus to whichRead More →

To ease the anxiety of parents, especially moms, kids should be taught how to be a good person, rather than just be good at cracking exams and earning good scores. Parents should be happy if their children excel in their own chosen fields, and teach them the importance of honesty, kindness and shared responsibilities. These good traits will help the kids a lot in their future development. Over-anxious parents, on the other hand, could prevent kids from excelling in even their own chosen fields. Liu Xiuying, director of home education institute at China Youth and Children Research Center The China Earthquake Administration pledged to enhanceRead More →

umption in 2019 is expected to grow 5.8 percent. Demand for coal is expected to hit 3.95 billion tons, with the power sector still playing a significant role in the consumption of coal. Consumption of oil is predicted to reach 620 million tons, up 1.6 percent year-on-year, while the growth rate for natural gas consumption is expected to slow, with an annual consumption of 310 billi on cubic meters in 2019, up 10.4 percent year-on-year, it said.The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Ex hibition (Expo 2019 Beijing) opens to visitors Monday, and will showcase a wide variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs from across theRead More →

rating the push for economic upgrading, which offers strong impetus for the growth. Despite the pressure, we still can see gr owth momentum,” Zhang said during a macroeconomic seminar earlier this month in Beijing. “Recently, the government has introduced a series of su pportive policies which will gradually help grow the real economy,” Zhang added. NDRC said a further 3.24 million new urban jobs were added in t he first quarter, with surveyed unemployment ra te remaining at a comparatively low level of 5.2 percent in March. And consu mer prices registered a moderate rise of 1.8 percent in the first three months of thisRead More →

prisonment, civil assault and battery, as well as sexual assault or batter y, seeking damages in excess of $50,000, according to a report from Reuters. The court filing said JD is “vicariously liable” for Liu’s behavior as his alleged actions happened while he was “seemingly” at work-related activities, and the assault and battery began in the presence of two other JD employees. “We have not yet reviewed the complaint and are not going to comment on pending litigation, but based on the Hennepin County A ttorney’s declination to charge a case against our client and our belief in his innocence, we feel strongly that thisRead More →

 country in very-long-baseline interferometry, the technique the telescope array used for the black hole image, took the lead in organizing and coordinating Chinese researchers particip ation in the EHT observations and studies, Shen said. That allowed Shanghai to b e one of the six cities worldwide involved in the simultaneous news conferences on Wednesday. No Chinese telescope-including the Five-hundred-meter Ape rture Spherical Telescope, the world’s largest filled-apertur e radio telescope, in Guizhou province-was involved in the EHT observations. Yuan Yefei, a professor in the University of Science and Technology of Chi na’s astronomy department, also an EHT team member, said the Guizhou telesco pe didRead More →

e before Britons would have to vote in a May 23-26 election to the European Parliament — a condit ion for the country to remain a member of the bloc beyond June 1 under the EU’s accord. Many leaders had wanted a much longer extension, to the end of the year or even next March, but French President Emma nuel Macron mounted stiff resistance throughout the evening, eventually forcing the compromise. Macron questioned May’s ability to persuade parliament to her treaty, EU officials sa id, and said that a tighter deadline would focus British minds. Others argued that an even longer exten sion could spookRead More →

ultilateralism, and with the United States increasingly opting for unilateralism in international affairs, China and the EU can str engthen their coordination within the framework of the United Nations and buttress the role of multilateral mecha nisms including the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. Beijing and Brussels are also two important voices advocating internati onal efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development. It is hoped that the leaders attending the China-EU Summit in Brussels will send positive signals that the two sides are commi tted to deepening their strategic and reciprocal cooperation. By strengthening their consensus and solida rity, theyRead More →