sis writing. She planned to return to Shanghai to complete the or al defense in late May after finding a job in her hometown, Henan province. But she s uffered a car accident on her way to attend a job interview a month ago. Cheng Hao said her sister’s life was saved, but her head, neck and chest must be fixed with brackets, and she cannot feel anything below her chest. She can only lift her hands and arms a little, and only three fingers out of 10 can move. “She wants to finish her oral defense of master’s thesis and get a job, likeRead More →

d turned into a red-hot search item on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter. The gross output value of the Chinese snack industry has reached 2.22 trill ion yuan, according to a report released in December by the Circulation Industry Pro motion Center, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce. Online e-commerce has accelerated the market penetration rate of snack food, cultivating and promoting purchasing habits of customers, the report said, adding that snacks accounted for nearly 30 percent of the total online food sales. A total of 15 tons of mahua (fried dough twists) and 10,769 pieces of subing (crispy cookies) sold outRead More →

eviewers and editors in its publication process. All IEEE members, regardless of employer, can continue to participate in all of the activities of the IEEE. On May 16, the US Department of Commerce applied exp ort control restrictions to Huawei Technology Ltd and 68 of its affiliates. IEEE issued a state ment regarding compliance and stated if the US government clarified the application of the US Export Ad ministration Regulations with respect to peer review IEEE would provide an update to the IEEE community. In a latest IEEE statement, it said it has received the required clarification, so all IEEE members, regardless of employer, canRead More →

The United States should take responsibility for the setback in economic and tra de consultations with China, a government white paper said, warning that “red lines” cannot be crossed. The US government has backtracked on its commitments three times in the trade negotiations with China and should bear sole responsibility for the stalled progress, the paper said on Sunday. The white paper, “China’s Position on the China-US Economic and Trade Consultations”, was released by the State Council Information Office. It came amid ongoing tension between the world’s two largest economies. Speaking at a news conference on Sunday, Vice-Minister of Commerce Wang Shouw en said ChinaRead More →

h the changes in snack food over the past few years. That is to say, consumers pay more atte ntion to exterior design, with snacks packed in gift boxes showing a high-end trend. Meanwhile, there is growing trend toward buying healthy snacks. Data showed th at natural food, whole grain, sugar-free and additive-free have become “hot tags” for snack food. The major consumer group for snack food is young people aged 20-30 seeking tasty and health y food. Sales results from e-commerce platforms also support this conclusion. Last year, sales of lightly bake d and additive-free nuts jumped nearly 190 percent. Dried fruits and vegetablesRead More →

Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Chicago-affiliated Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) have mapped the full-body muscular activity of an animal while it was moving and behaving, for the first time in the world. In the study, the researchers watched the patterns of muscle activity in a small aquatic animal called a hydraas. Based on prior su ccess in mapping full-body neural activity in hydra, they pinpointed seven distinct patterns of hydra’s muscle act ivity this time, according to a news release posted on the website of the University of Chicago on Thursday. Hydra are freshwater organisms, only a few millimeters in length, andRead More →

lear that if the US treats the Chinese negotiating team with respect and shows the willingness to talk wit hout using outside pressure, there is a high possibility that there could be a productive trade deal. “Otherwise, I think we might be facing a prolonged period of problems for both sides,” she said. Regan, at the close of their 15-minute talk, said again, “No one wan ts trade wars. But we have to think long hard about the right next steps.” Liu, however, did counter an assertion by Regan that China’s government controls its entire economy. “Everybody thinks that China’s economy is state-owned, state-controlled, everyRead More →

aterials to the US, Gao Feng, the ministry’s spokesman, said China has been the world’s largest supplier of rare earth materials and has always been keen to m eet the demand of its trade partners on this material to promote the rare earth industry. The ministry made the remarks after the Trump administration starting May 10 raised tariffs on Chinese goods and rest ricted Huawei’s business operations, which has harmed the interests of companies and financial markets on both sides. “While satisfying domestic demand, China is always willing to fulfill other coun tries’ rightful needs for rare earth materials,” he said. “But if any countryRead More →

nsultancy Automotive Foresight, said SEAT’s smaller cars will help its parent company to reach custo mers in China’s smaller cities, where electric cars built on Volkswagen’s own platforms would be less affordable. Volkswagen, as well as its subsidiaries from Audi to Porsche, plan to deliver aro und 1.5 million electrified vehicles, most of them pure electric cars, in China by 2025. It also expects global sales of electrified vehicles will total 22 million by 2028, and half of them will be produced in China. China overtook the United States as the largest producer and market of new energy vehicles in 2015. The China Association ofRead More →

Spain’s largest carmaker SEAT is set to make a comeback in China around 2021, a move that will help its parent company Volkswagen AG secure a larger share in the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. “The Spanish brand aims to enter the Chinese market in the coming two to three years,” said Volkswagen in a stat ement on Tuesday, citing an agreement it signed with SEAT and Chinese carmaker JAC Motors. SEAT pulled out of China in 2014 after two years of poor sales of its gasoline vehicles. This time, it will enter the Chinese market through JAC Volks wagen, a 50-50 joint ventureRead More →