, and supported by diverse interest groups will prevent conflicts among stakeholders in the South China Sea,” Santarita said. China is in the midst of implementing a host of reforms, which are focused on opening up its economy to foreign compet ition and strengthening its private sector. They are needed to upgrade its industries and avoid the dreaded middle-income trap. Many of these reforms are exactly what the United States is asking for in the trade negotiation s, but China is actually pursuing these reforms primarily to achieve its own long-term internal economic goals. He said Asia’s emphasis on “respect for authority, respect for theRead More →

There is no winner in a trade war, and China hopes to solve the issue through dialogue rather than unilateral mea sures, said Gao Feng, Commerce Ministry spokesperson at a news conference on Thursday. The two countries should meet each other halfway and resolve problems through cooperation and discussion, Gao said. Qin Guangrong, former Party chief of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, is being investigated for suspe cted serious violations of Party disciplinary rules and laws, according to the country’s top anti-graft body Thursday. Qin is being investigated by the Communist Party of China Central Com mission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission. HeRead More →

more than 100 projectors were installed to digitally recreate mangrove fo rests and the environment surrounding them: tropical seas, tides and beaches. With sound, light and electrical effects, the exhibition shows how mangroves, one of the very few vegetation env ironments that can survive in coastal waters, thrive in the tides and change their surroundings for the better. Tianjin resident Li Lingyan, who visited the park on Monday, was fascinated by the mangrove exhibition. “Looking at the exhibit, it is as though I was brought to the seashore to se e how mangroves grow in a tough environment. It was an amazing process,” she said.Read More →

As landmarks of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing China, the China Pavilion and the Inter national Pavilion are attracting large numbers of visitors thanks to their unique designs and functions. Covering an area of 5 square kilometers, the expo is being held in the capital’s Yanqing district. Following the ancient wisdom of the Chinese people, the China Pavilion takes the shape of a green b uilding that can “breathe” and has “life”, as described on the exhibition’s official website. Core portions of the pavilion are composed of terraced fields. Fun ctions of both irrigation and insulation are at play, and th e fields helpRead More →

 Lagos–Kano standard gauge project, the first standard gauge railway in Nigeria and West A frica, was officially inaugurated and started commercial operation on July 26, 2016. The railway, constructed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, is the first overseas railway fully adopting the Chinese r ailway standard. Spanning 186.5 kilometers, it alleviates traffic tension, improves the investment envir onment and promotes the coordinated development of regional economy and society. By Jan 11, the train service had delivered 1.23 million passengers and had safely operated for 900 days without any major accident recorded since its inception. The China-funded Colombo Port City, the largest project between CRead More →

 students, even back in my day, is to be wary of the perils of data mining. And the middle-income tra p is a classic example of the pitfalls of endless number crunching. Give me a database and a po werful computer, and I can “validate” almost any economic relationship masquerading as an analytical co njecture. There are five key reasons to dismiss the widespread diagnosis that China is ensnared in the middle-income trap. First, a middle-income trap may not even exist. That is the conclusion of a rigorous empirical stud y by Lant Pritchett and Lawrence Summers that covers a broad cross section of 125Read More →

Zeng Niaoniao, a qipao designer in the post-95s generation, started her business when she was a sophomore in 2015, and now runs stores both online and off. Last year, the turnover from her online store reached 12 million yuan ($1.78 million) The 24-year-old designer has a track record on improving qipao, displaying her work at the 2018 Shan g Fashion Week and attracting Chinese pop idol Yang Chaoyue to wear her design for an advertising photoshoot. Zeng said her wish was to see people wearing her designs to stroll around town, and sh e wanted to bring more improved qipao with new designs to young Chinese girls. May’s offer toRead More →

 minister’s post as the price of winning support for the deal. At a meeting Sunday at the prime minister’s country retreat, Chequers, prominent Brexiteers told May they might back the deal — if she agreed to step d own so a new leader could take charge of the next phase of negotiations, which will settle Britain’s future relations with the EU. Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who attended the meeting and is likely to be a conten der in any future Conservative leadership race, accused the government of lacking “gumption” and chickening out on delivering Brexit. Britaina’s best-selling newspaper, The Sun, put a call onRead More →

ence” leader, to stop over in Hawaii on her way back to the island after an eight-day tour of thr ee Pacific island nations this week, Washington is breaching all established protocols and violating the 1979 Joint Communiqué. Beijing lodged “stern representations” with Washington on Thursday against Tsai’s transit in Hawaii. “We have consistently and resolutely opposed the United States or other countries which have diplomatic relations with China arranging this kind of transit,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ge ng Shuang said in Beijing. Beijing has urged Washington not to send “Taiwan independence forces any wrong signal”, Geng said. The method behind fluctuating policy of USRead More →

ROME, March 22 — Visiting President Xi Jinping met with Italian Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati here Friday on expanding exchanges and cooperation between the two countries’ legislative institutions. China and Italy have enjoyed a traditional friendship, with the ancient Silk Road closely linking the two peoples, Xi said. Since they established diplomatic relations nearly 50 years ago, the China-Italy ties have seen healthy and stable devel opment, and the two countries have become important partners who trust each other and work together, Xi said. The visit is meant to consolidate the stability and strategic nature of the China-Ita ly relations in the longRead More →