e online users double from 5.7 million in 2017 to 15.3 million in 2018. Insiders say as Chinese parents increase their spending on education, online education gets more recog nition and China’s internationalization progresses, online course users will keep growing, The Beijing News reports. The report echoes their opinion. Data from the report shows that the penetration rate of online education rose from 0.8 percen t in 2015 to 9.1 percent in 2018, up 11 folds within four years. It’s projected that the penetration rate will reach 12 percent in 2019. New users go for top brand Data from the report shows the market shareRead More →

arch institute to accelerate the development of new apparatuses for underground detection that could reduce interference from human activity. “We will also explore carrying out observational experiments in wells from hundred of meters to 1,000 meters deep, and through scientific drilling that will p enetrate active earthquake faults to gain more information about underground structures,” he said. Currently, 13 countries have been involved in the project, includ ing Russia, Egypt and Algeria, and 17 domestic research teams, including one from U niversity of Science and Technology of China, have started research on the site, Zheng noted. The site will “offer research teams with observa tionRead More →

Health authorities will redouble their efforts to train nurses in eldercare as the proportion of older people in the popula tion expands and tens of millions of people struggle with disabilities, a senior health official said on Wednesday. Jiao Yahui, deputy chief of medical administration and supervision at the Nation al Health Commission, said there are not enough nurses to cope with the growing needs of the country’s elderly. A regulation on the training of healthcare workers and standards of service is being drafted. It is expected to boost the number of nurse’s aides, Jiao said ahead of International Nurses Day on Sunday. The nurse’sRead More →

The volunteer team-led by Wu Liangliang, a security guard who has gained online fame for his fluent self-taught En glish-has also been part of the site’s efforts to provide a more personal management style, in addition to the city go vernment’s introduction of various measures, including a mobile app, to help tourists. Larry Goodrich, from Seattle, who has been traveling with his wife in the Yangtze River Delta for three weeks, lauded the volunteers’ contributions. Having worked in the computer industry since “the era of brick-si zed cellphones”, the 65-year-old said that while technology has provided unimaginable con venience, traveling is about being a partRead More →

ndreds of security guards daily during peak seasons. In October, when it had a record number of travelers, the ad ministrators decided to seek help from local universities for international volunteers, Liu said. The lake, spanning a total of 60 square kilometers in the heart of Hangzhou, is ne ar to one of China’s oldest Buddhist temples and is surrounded by lush green hills. During the recent holiday, it was one of the most popular tourist spots amo ng millions of domestic travelers, along with the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. “It’s not only about giving tourists directions to the toilet or preventing peopleRead More →

China will further cut the number of items requiring certificatio n and refine the procedures through institutional inno vation to improve government services and foster a more enabling business environment. The decision was made at the State Council’s executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday. Participants at the meeting agreed that the government’s efforts in recent years to repeal unwarranted certification requ irements and deepen the reform of government functions have produced notable results. “These are crucial steps benefiting both companies and individuals ,” Li said. “At a time when the economy still faces uncertainties, removing these unjustified cer tification requirements will helpRead More →

The Belt and Road Initiative, proposed by China in 2013, aims at building a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the an cient trade routes of the Silk Road to seek common development and prosperity. Let’s take a look at some key figures about the initiative. A new remake of Peking Opera classic Farewell My C oncubine is expected to premiere for opera lovers in Beijing in late May. A representative opera piece of the late Chinese theater mogul Mei Lanfang, Farewell My Concubine tells a love story based on the legend of Xiang Yu – the warlord of the ancient Chu Kingdom –Read More →

He said he believes that with the efforts of the French people and supp ort from the international community, Notre Dame will be repaired and regain its glory. The fire broke out around 6:30 pm on the roof of the cathedral, which was covered in scaffoldi ng. The blaze spread quickly and destroyed the wooden interior before causing the spire to collapse. It took more than 400 firefighters over 12 ho urs to put out the fire, and the main structure and two bell towers remained standing. The cause of the fire is still unknown, though officials said it could be linked to renovation work.Read More →

pply (M2),” said Sheng Songcheng, a central bank adviser and a former director of the central bank’s statistics department. The central bank released M2 data on Friday, which recorded a 13-month high of 8.6 percent by the end of March, accelerating from 8 percent by February. Aggregate social financing, a gauge to measure broader financial activities including trust funds and local govern ment bonds, also grew faster than market expectations. That total financing amount grew to 2.86 trillion yuan in Mar ch, or a 11.1 percent growth from a year earlier, compared with 10.6 percent in February, said the central bank. “According to the latestRead More →

Like Gray, more women and men in the US are single — more than 45 percent of all Americans age 18 or older, the US Census Bur eau reported in 2017 — and the number of single households around the world also is increasing. Singles make up about 14.6 percent — about 200 million — of Chi na’s population, the largest singles population in the world, People’s Daily reported. Sweden has the highest rate of people staying single, 51 percen t of all households, according to 2017 data from the European Union’s Eurostat. Sweden is followed by Denmark, Finland and Germany, which all have moreRead More →