form and opening-up drive, and said the country’s success has not only brought changes to itself, but als o has profound and positive influence on the world. Vanuatu firmly honors the one-China policy and supports the Chinese government in its efforts to realize peaceful national reunification, he added. oreign investors may get access to more onshore commodity contracts  China will give foreign investors more access to its commodity futures market as part of it s continuing efforts to strengthen the real economy, the top securities regulator said on Tuesday. The move will benefit both overseas and domestic market participants, and the opening-up of the stockRead More →

working at the State Department to make sure that everyone understands the risks.” “Recently, some US politicians have repeatedly made rumors about Huawei but canno t provide any evidence that other countries have requested,” Lu told a daily news conference. He noted that the US public is having more and more doubts over the market turbulen ce and undermined industrial cooperation caused by the trade war and technology war initiated by the US. “So some US politicians have continually created rumors, tr ying to mislead the public and stir up ideological opposition, which is illogical,” Lu said. Ideological differences do not necessarily impede tra de,Read More →

m the UN Environment Program, said poorly managed infrastructure projects can damage the ecosystem. He said it is key for scientists to communicate with government officials to create better planning and new solut ions, and more interdisciplinary research into natural disasters and risk management is also helpful. Guanxi, compadrazgo and bapakism. Three words from China, the Philip pines and Indonesia that encapsulate the same values of the vast continent through the ag es-a shared belief in the importance of the family and the community over the individual. These values, rooted on Asia’s culture and history and centered on consens us, social harmony, stability and discipline,Read More →

With 1,000 days to go before the 2022 Winter Olympics, pr eparations are well underway for a successful and sustainable event. Built for the 2008 Summer Games, Olympic Park in Beijing’s north ern downtown area entered the spotlight again on Friday as the country began its cou ntdown. The 2022 Winter Olympics, will be held in Beijing and co-host Zhangjiakou in adjacent Hebei province. As the symbolic “1,000” flashed on a digital clock on the park’s Lin glong Tower, a broadcasting facility for the 2008 Games, expectations were heig htened for the winter sports extravaganza, which will run from Feb 4 to 20 in 2022.Read More →

arned against further raising tariffs. “Increasing tariffs will only continue to harm America n consumers and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, as well as threat en American econ omic growth and leadership in innovation,” said Naomi Wilson, the council’s senior director of policy for Asia. US chemical manufacturers also called for sensible trade policy solutions. Cal Dooley, president and CEO of the American Chemistry Council, said on Monday he believed t he risks of continuing to use tariffs as a negotiating tactic with China are simply too high, and potential benefits remain unclear. Several organizations, including Tariffs Hurt the Heartland — theRead More →

ful initiative, and credited the initiative for connecting countries from different regions, with different nationalities and cultures. The BRI will provide a strong impetus for global economic growth and prosperity, he added. Switzerland supports the BRI and commits to promoting the initiative in Europe, Maurer said. He added that the country hopes to deepen bilateral cooperation in trade, investment and innovation with the initiative’s framework. China and Portugal signed a series of cooperation documents on Monday — includin g a framework agreement on third-party market cooperation — to strengthen their bilateral ties. President Xi Jinping and Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sou sa witnessed theRead More →

ling and wildlife protection knowledge among the public, and it welcomes public supervision or reports of smuggling. As social networks and online stores have become increasingly important tools for wildlife s mugglers, the administration has beefed up its anti-smuggling work online this year. Customs officials are working on cases involving another 100 tons of endangered wildlife and wildlife products, of which about 300 kilograms are tusks and ivory products. Last year, the administration purchased advanced screening and detection equipment to improve th e efficiency of its anti-smuggling work, according to Wang Wei, director of the administration’s ports supervision department. People caught entering China with endangeredRead More →

About 20 Chinese martial arts schools in the Wudang Mountain region have tra ined about 30,000 kung fu enthusiasts from around the world. Yuan Xiugang, a member of the Wudang Martial Arts Association, has taugh t over 60 foreign students since 1995. One of his apprentices, Jack, a 29-year-old from Ill inois in the US, first arrived in Wudang 10 years ago. Now Jack has become a kung fu coach. “My goal is to open a school in the US, letting more Americans appreciate authentic Chinese martial arts,” he said. Thomas, another of Yuan’s students, is from France and explores tea culture. He leases aboutRead More →

domestically rated “AAA”, the safest level. The sale to individual investors is mainly of project-link ed special-purpose bonds, a type of local government bond vigorously promoted by the government in re cent years. The cash flows generated from the underlying projects will be used as the primary repayment sources. In China, there are two types of local government bonds: general bonds and special purpose bonds. According to the country’s 2019 budget repor t, which was approved by the top legislature earlier this month, the budgeted deficit for local governments is 930 billion yuan, up 100 billi on yuan compared with 2018, and this fund gapRead More →

  class of a photo-op in the Oval Office Thursday with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.   A historian 100 years hence could pull the tape of the 16-minute tour de force and learn everything they needed to know about the Trump presidency.   Trump’s behavior on Thursday offered pointers to how he will attempt to ride out political crosswinds using the uni que political tools that made his late-in-life transition from business to Washington so successful.   Thursday’s rebuke from Congress came amid a spell that wo uld have been disastrous for any conventional politician, as legal and congressional probe s suggest tough challenges ahead as special counselRead More →