ty Intelligence Organization suggested that Chinese-Australians contesting local government elections represented securit y threats because they might have belonged to an organization called the “Australian Council for the Promotion of Peace ful Reunification of China”. Actually, none of the candidates mentioned has ever been associated with ag itation or lobbying on issues of concern to Beijing such as the South China Sea, Taiwan or Tibet. Worst example of anti-China prejudice One of the worst examples of anti-China prejudices comes from a bo ok written by a professor of public ethics, Clive Hamilton-Silent Invasion published in earl y 2018. On pages 280-281 Hamilton writes that upRead More →

ial delay and the fact that a no-deal Brexit remained possible. By 1800 GMT it was down around 0.4 percent against the dollar. Nearly three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, there is still no clarity over how, when or even whether the world’s fifth largest economy should leave the bloc it joined in 1973. When May set the March 29 exit date two years ago by serving the formal Article 50 divorce papers, she declared there would be “no turning back”. But parliament’s ref usal to ratify the withdrawal deal she agreed with the EU has thrust her governmentRead More →

ernment campaigns aimed at addressing three causes of popular discont ent, namely cracking down on organized crimes, crimes disrupting the poverty relief program, and those ruining the national environmental protection campaign. The Supreme People’s Court said in its report that it had fulfilled the task it set itself in 201 6 to “basically resolve the problem of difficulties in implementing court rulings in two or three years”, an achi evement that has boosted judicial credibility and strengthened public confidence in the entire justice system. National security, crimes endangering public safety, and the correcting of wrong verdicts have been priority concerns on the national judiciary’s recentRead More →

China and the United States are expected to come to an agreement soon over trade frictions, analysts said, as the negotiating teams a re reported to be discussing the wording of an accord and considering applying the brakes to their tariff standoff. They made the prediction after Chinese and US officials said there had been concrete p rogress on multiple issues in the latest round of trade talks in Washington. During the latest talks, held from Thursday to Sunday in Washington, the seventh round since February of last year, th e two sides focused on the text of an agreement, the Chinese delegation said, accordingRead More →

t impedes China-India relations, some Chinese scholars advise that China take India’s concern more into account. But Liu Zongyi, a senior fellow of the Shanghai I nstitutes for International Studies, told the Global Times that India should, first of all, mind its approach. Should New Delhi resort to quiet dipl omacy instead of extensively directing aggressive rhetoric to pressure Beijing, the Azhar issue could have been better addressed. Terrorism in India poses a significant threat to Indians. Without solid evidence, India has long accu sed Pakistan of sponsoring terrorist attacks by Jaish-e-Mohammed and other militant groups and China of providing uncritical support for Pakistan. InsteadRead More →

  BEIJING — Seven out of 10 fugitives bearing class-A wanted orders had been caught by the end of January, the Ministry of Public Security said over the weekend.   The 10 wanted orders, all targeting suspects of major economic crimes, were issued on Jan 11.   Among the seven detained, two turned themselves in as suspects of cattle stealing and telecom fraud, respectively.   The ministry called on the public to give information on the wanted and pledged to re ward those offering effective leads.The picture show a polar bear leaping across the water from one block of i ce to another, gazing up at the drone andRead More →

  Tick off response “guangzhou passengers were owners cut finger:” owner get banned   Travel released on January 29, tick “about guangzhou passengers take tick off by the owner cut finger case”, curre ntly involved owners platform has been permanently banned account.Passengers to January 27th, Mr Zhan g (not his real name) call tick travel security customer service hotline for feedback: on January 26th downwind car is clo se to in the process, will be arrived at the destination by the owner to ask price 100 yuan, after passengers do not ag ree, the two sides in a dispute over owners use knives to passengers finger cut.Read More →

Ma Rong Wang Baoqiang’s divorce case ended, Ma Mum’s right of reputation won the lawsuit. Is the rumor maker Wang Baoqiang’s lawyer? In recent years, there have been many stars married in the entertainment circle, which makes fans happy, but there are also some divorced, emotional breakdown, such as Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu, Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong. Especially the divorce war between Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong. Really stirred up the whole entertain ment industry, especially their divorce case. Since they announced their divorce on Weibo, they have started a “protracted war” for more than two years. Recently, the divorce war is finallyRead More →

  Gu Fangzhou, a virologist who invented “sugar pills”, has gone to develop “sugar pills” to eradicate polio in China. He once said “one thing in a lifetime” Professor Gu FangzhouBeijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences that at 3:35 on January 2, 2019, a famous medical scientist and virologist who developed a vaccine to eradicate polio in China, Comrade Gu Fangzhou, former president and first-class professor of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, died in Beijing at the age of 92 because of ineffective medical treatment.   According to the Beijing Union MedicalRead More →

“Three corns and one roast raven,” said Dolorous Edd. “Very good, m’lord, only Hobb’s made boiled eggs, black sausage, and apples stewed with prunes. The apples stewed with prunes are excellent, except for the prunes. I won’t eat prunes myself. Well, there was one time when Hobb chopped them up with chestnuts and carrots and hid them in a hen. Never trust a cook, my lord. They’ll prune you when you least expect it.” “Later.” Breakfast could wait; Stannis could not. “Any trouble from the stockades last night?” “Not since you put guards on the guards, m’lord.” “Good.” A thousand wildlings had been penned upRead More →