The State Council Information Office on Sunday issued a white paper 上海419on historical matters concerning Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China. China is a unified multiethnic country, and the various ethnic group上海419 s in Xinjiang have long been part of the Chinese nation. Throughout its long history, X 上海419injiang’s development has been closely related to that of China, the white paper said. However, in more recent times, hostile forces in and outside China, especially se paratists, religious extremists and terrorists, have tried to split China and bre上海419品茶微信 ak it apart by distorting history and facts, the document, titled “Historical Matters Concerning Xinjiang”, said. 上海419XinjiangRead More →

follow as guidance the strategic consensus reached by the leaders of the two parties and the two countries, firmly support each other on the socialist path, carry 上海419品茶微信forward the traditional friendship, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and effectively manage differences, so as to pu sh forward their bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. Ngan paid a visit to China from Monday to Friday at the invitation of top Chinese legislator Li Zhanshu.上海419 China said on Friday that, in order to safeguard its national interests, it will impose san 上海419品茶微信ctions on United States companies taking part in a $2.2 billion sale of military equipment to Taiwan. TheRead More →

Liangzhu Museum in East China’s Hangzhou reopened to the public Monday after 10 months of closure. It is often said that Chinese civilization extends back 5,000 years. Now,上海419女神会所 after 15 years of intense research as part of a nationwide project to explore the origins of 上海419女神会所that civilization, archaeologists are able to back up that statement with solid physical evidence. The results were disclosed at a news conference on Monday at the State Council Information Office. The project has proved with physical evidence that Chinese civ上海419 ilization exhibited a multifaceted unity, said Guan Qiang, deputy director of the State Ad 上海419女神会所ministration of Cultural Heritage. “It wasRead More →

Sino-US leaders’ 上海419品茶微信meeting on the sidelines of gathering in Japan expected to ease tensions Pres上海419品茶微信ident Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Japan for the G20 Summit will reinforce international consensus on upholding multila teralism and an open economy amid rising protectionism that looms large over the global economy, observers said.上海419品茶微信 They said Xi’s upcoming meeting with United States President Donald Trump on the上海419品茶微信 sidelines of the summit could also de-escalate bilateral trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies. 上海419品茶微信Xi will be in Japan from Thursday to Saturday to attend the 14th G20 Summit in Osaka at the in vitation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,Read More →

An increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises are stepping outside of 上海419女神会所their own countries and regions to reach global markets with the help of an imp ortant annual fair in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong province. The China International SME Fair – which has focused on establishing a platfor上海419 m for displays of transactions, exchanges and cooperation among SMEs around the world since 2004 – will be held from Oct 10-13 in Poly World Trade Expo Center this year, according to the event’s organizer. SMEs take a bow at globally important Guangzhou fair “We have designed a series of activities to bring substantialRead More →

President Xi Jin上海419品茶微信ping holds talks with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesda y. The two leaders witnessed the signing of a series of cooperative documents after their ta resident Xi Jinping has called on China and African nations to in crease communication and synergy and deepen solidarity and cooperation to strive for conc rete progress in the implementation of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. Xi made the remark in a congratulatory letter sent to the opening of the Coordinators’ Meetin g on the Implementation of the Follow-up Actions of the FOCAC BeijingRead More →

t in changing 上海419品茶微信attitude toward Russia, and therefore Mos cow will not compromise on its fundamental national interests in the face of sanctions. “There is no talk about a truce,” he said. “If we totally surrender and sp it on our fundamental national interests, will there be any fundamental changes? M aybe, there will be some external signals. But nothing will change dramatically.” Putin added that Russia’s losses from economic sanctions were m ore than five times lower than those of the main countries that imposed them. “According to expert data, as a result of these restrictions, Russia lost about 50 billion US dollars sinceRead More →

President Xi Ji上海419品茶微信nping talks with Democratic People’s Republic of Korea top leader Kim Jong­un in Pyon gyang on Friday. Several paces behind them are Xi’s wife, Peng Liyuan (left), and Kim’s wife, Ri Sol­ju President Xi Jinping said on Friday that his visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea demonstrated the two countries’ firm will to advance the po litical settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue and to promote lasting peace and security in the region. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remark while meeting with Kim Jong-un, chairman of the W orkers’ Party of KoreaRead More →

General Secret上海419品茶微信ary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Chinese President Xi Jinping sa t down Thursday for talks with Kim Jong-un, top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Xi is paying a two-day state visit to the neighboring country at the invit ation of Kim, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK. Xi highlighted China’s firm position on Wednesday to build close ties with the DPRK, and reaffirm ed Beijing’s support for Pyongyang in striving for the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue. Xi madeRead More →

President X上海419品茶微信i Jinping will pay state visits to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan f rom June 12 to 16, a foreign ministry spokesperson announced Sunday. From June 12 to 14, Xi will pay a state visit to Kyrgyzstan and attend th e 19th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Or ganization (SCO) to be held in the capital city of Bishkek, Spokesperson Lu Kang said in a statement. From June 14 to 16, Xi will attend the fifth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in Dushanbe, t he capital city of Tajikistan, and payRead More →