peration in AI governance including laws and regulations, ethical norms and international rules,” Wang said. The State Council issued a plan in 2017 that set benchmarks for China’s AI sector, with the value of core AI indu stries predicted to exceed 1 trillion yuan ($145 billion) and make the country the global leader of AI innovation by 2030. In December, Tianjin unveiled a three-year plan to boost the innovative development of seven AI-related indust rial chains including independent and controllable information systems, smart security, big data, advanced co mmunications, intelligent connected vehicles, industrial robots and intelligent terminals. According to the plan, the government will buildRead More →

cted by the China Consumer Association from December to March, which included mor e than 1,700 students from elementary, junior high and senior high school. According to the report, most elementary school students were first exposed t o the internet in third grade, and these 9-year-old students accounted for 32.2 percent of th e total. For junior high school students, most had their first online experience at the age of 12 years in grade six, a nd these students comprised 21.7 percent. Among high school students, the peak period to access the internet fell duri ng their first year in junior high school, with theseRead More →

le growth of the economy, he said, adding that the positive factors for economic growth are increasing. Noting that the uncertainties in the global economic environment are also rising and there remai n downward pressures on the domestic economy, Li called for both attention and confidence from the entrepreneurs. Related departments should follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Though t on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, invigorate the market thro ugh deepening reform and opening-up and ensure the stable growth of the economy, Li said. He said that tax reduction is the key to improving the business environm ent and invigorating theRead More →

sustained sense of security, Xi said.Beijing blasts US Congress for Taiwan defense bill Xi called for reforms in public security work and said big data should be used as a major engine to promote innovation in the sector. More measures for higher-quality services should be implemented to give the public a substantial sense of fulfillment, he added. While demanding that high discipline be exercised within the public security forc es, Xi said there will be zero tolerance for violations of laws and Party discipline. He also urged Party committees at all levels to suppo Beijing resolutely opposes the United States House of Representatives for passingRead More →

ic and trade consultations, with a goal of implementing the consensuses President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump r eached in December, said Xue Rongjiu, deputy director of the China Society for WTO Studies in Beijing. China has made various moves recently to expand the new round of reform and opening-up — such as the approval of the Foreign Investm ent Law in March and further facilitating trade connectivity under the Belt and Road Initiative. It will cont inue opening its market in a proactive, steady and orderly manner, in accordance with its own development ne eds and its own pace and timetable, toRead More →

iang Uygur autonomous region in April, he realized that education is still weak in the region and good teachers are in short supply. To help change the situation, he applied to volunteer as a teacher at a middle school in a Xinjiang town after graduation in July. “My biggest hope for the next year is that more students in my class will a chieve better results, enter high school and grow up as contributors to society,” Zhang said. Yi Zhihao, a doctoral student at the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering of Beihang University in Beiji ng, is also a Beihang Lunar Palace 1Read More →

ld correct our mistakes when we have made any and guard against them when we have not. The Party should address young people’s concerns in employment, starting business, integrating into the society, love, marriage and making friends, carin g for the elderly and raising children, so as to create favorable conditions for their development. We should educate and guide young people to view the world pr operly, to understand the national conditions comprehensively, and to grasp the trend of the era. Communist Youth League asked to mobilize youth for Chinese Dream The Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) shall unite and lead Chi nese youthRead More →

creased by 5.4 percent year-on-year, 11.9 percentage points lower than that in the first quarter 2018. Individual income tax decreased by 29.7 percent, the largest drop among three major tax item s. Value-added tax growth has already slowed to 10.7 percent, down from 20.1 percent a year earlier. Local government income from land sales fell 9.5 percent in the first three months, the Ministry of Finance said. As the central bank has taken a pause in monetary easing, fiscal policy should remain pro active to stabilize economic growth and ensure the recent rebound is not just a seasonal fluke, said economists. Xu Xianchun, a formerRead More →

by the smugglers, Sun said. Busts were made in several locations, which were not disclosed. The case is still under investigation. Since early this year, 182 smuggling cases involving endangered species have been investigated, the administration said on Monday. More than 500 tons of endangered animals and animal products were seized, 8.48 t ons of which was ivory tusks or products made of ivory. In those cases, 171 suspects were detained. The Chinese government suspended imports of ivory and all ivor y products in 2015 and ended commercial processing and sale of ivory at the end of 2017. The ban has had significant positive effects,Read More →

 deadlines or fulfill other tasks, they can ask them to work overtime – but not than 36 hours a month and only after consulti ng and reaching an agreement with the labor union and the workers. More important, empl oyers have to pay at least 1.5 times the usual salary to the employees for overtime work. This is to protect the rights, interests and health of the workers. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, has added fuel to the debate, by saying that empl oyees who get the “opportunity” to work according the “996” schedule are the luc ky ones, because in many companies employeesRead More →