Mate X is more practical than Galaxy Fold because the latter is folded inward to lower the risk of br eaking apart while falling down, which is not so useful when breaking-glass insurance is popular. More importantly, the “new” foldable smartphones are hardly of any pr actical use. Of course, one can easily double the display of the foldable smartphone by un folding it so it has the size of an iPad, but that’s all. In plain words, the foldable display enables users to combine a tablet an d a smartphone into one. There might be more uses in the future, but at least notRead More →

China and the United States are expected to come to an agreement soon over trade frictions, analysts said, as the negotiating teams a re reported to be discussing the wording of an accord and considering applying the brakes to their tariff standoff. They made the prediction after Chinese and US officials said there had been concrete p rogress on multiple issues in the latest round of trade talks in Washington. During the latest talks, held from Thursday to Sunday in Washington, the seventh round since February of last year, th e two sides focused on the text of an agreement, the Chinese delegation said, accordingRead More →

  said Van Jackson, a former Defense Department official in the Obama administration.   ”Historically, there have been many — I know of half a dozen instances myself personally — where senior North Korean officials were brought around and shown what capi talist industrialism looks like. They were shown what the stock market floor looks like on the New York Stock Exchange, or they were brought out to so me tech lab in Silicon Valley,” said Jackson, author of “On the Brink: Trump, Kim, and the Threat of Nuclear War.”   ”We’ve shown them what capitalism looks like … the idea that they will see something in VietnRead More →

  seemed indicative of what was already deemed one of the most wide-open races i n years, given the lack of consensus among guild awards leading up to Sunday’s event.   Perhaps no surprise came bigger than best actress, as “The Favourite’s” Olivia Colman upset seven-time nominee Glenn Close, who had marched through awards season with enough victories to m ake her a presumptive favorite. (Colman, in an emotional speech, practically apologized to Close for wi nning.)s for politics, a recurring theme involved the Trump administration’s immigration polices, including an early jo ke from Maya Rudolph that among the things that wouldn’t be happening during the telecast,Read More →

  d to persuade the world to use its 5G technology and not cave to pressure from Washington.   ”This is not something that should be decided by politics,” Huawei’s chairman Guo Ping said on Sunday, ahead of the formal start of Mobile World Congress.   Guo said he was hoping “independent sovereign states” will make “independent decision s based on their own understanding of the situation and will not just listen to someone else’s order.”   Huawei is taking the center stage at this year’s MWC in Barcelona. The event is expected to attract around 100,000 visi tors. To get in, they will all need a badge likeRead More →

  An accident at a coal mine in Inner Mongolia that claimed 21 lives and injured 29 was c aused by a brake glitch that forced a vehicle to go out of control and hit a ramp, according to local authorities.   The accident occurred at about 8:20 am on Saturday at a mining company in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, when a vehicle was transporting 50 workers to the mine.   The cause of the accident is under investigation. All 29 injured were rushed to hospital and were in stable condition.   Fu Jianhua, vice-minister of emergency management, arrived at Inner Mongolia at 22:00 pm on SaturdayRead More →

  Beijing’s new international airport finished its flight inspections on Sunday, 19 days ahead of schedule, according to the civil aviation authority.   At 10:20 am, an aircraft taking off from Beijing Capital Internation al Airport in the northeastern part of the city landed smoothly on the northern run way at Beijing Daxing International Airport. The Civil Aviation Administration’s North China Regional Bu reau called the event a “successful completion” in a news release, referring to its series of flight inspections.   The inspections, which lasted for 34 days, started on Jan 22 and were suppo sed last until March 15 to cover the airport’s four runways, sixRead More →

  ars to vary widely among Catholics, Openibo echoed the calls of dozens of abuse survivors gathered for protests and vigils on the streets of Vatican City this week.   Wearing glasses and speaking gently though plainly, she addressed the Pope directly as “Brother Francis.” Openibo said she ad mired his candor and willingness to admit mistakes he made in evaluating the claims of Chilean abuse s urvivors about a notorious priest who was defrocked last year, and the bishops who covered up his crimes.   ”Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to check and see whe re we have acted strangely, ignorantly, secretly and complacently,”Read More →

  Brexit could be on the brink of being postponed.   Three senior UK ministers have issued a warning to Theresa May that Britain’s depa rture from the European Union should be delayed if there is no breakthrough on her deal in the next few days.   Writing in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, cabinet members Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark signaled th ey would support a vote in Parliament to have the Article 50 process extended in order to prevent Britain leaving the EU without a deal.   ”If there is no breakthrough in the coming week, the balance of opinion in Parliament is cl earRead More →

  snapping a selfie of the group as they took their seats in the House of Commons. But non e of the group asked a question of the Prime Minister, as she appeared before MPs for her weekly grill ing, and the defections were barely addressed. The mood in the House of Commons seemed more subdued than usual.   The closest May came to acknowledging the issue was when she attacked Corbyn over anti-Semitism in his party, cited as a reason for some of the defectors leaving his party.   May said she never thought she would see the day when “a once proud Labour party was accusedRead More →