Netizens seriously, not don’t want to difficult family a better life, but worried that grant to others.   allArticle 821 words, reading aboutNeed to 2 minutes   Bring about figure source network   Recently, a “Shanghai pudong new area government officials visiting the needy families”, has been accused of “tip ping”.This news with the two pictures: a child is difficult family “little soup” to play the piano for the leadership of p hotos, some netizens questioned, “mirror” in the figure of piano suspected imported from Germany, the value of mo re than 380000 yuan;Another, overcrowded has emerged in the home “crystal droplight, double door refr igerator and suspected”Read More →

On January 29, 2019, the new trial in 21 years, henan xiayi farmers yu-xi zhang kills involved, etc. To open a court session.In the afternoon, surging news fr om yu-xi zhang attorney understands, Xia Yi court justice after the hearing in court to make a sentence: yu-xi zhang innocence. Yu-xi zhang data diagram Surging news previously reported, in 1992, yu-xi zhang involved in ne ighborhood fighting issue, the other one person died, he was caught later.On May 19, 1997, five years later, xiayi court yu -xi zhang with his cousin and others carrying iron fork and hit the top of the victim’s forehead, that theRead More →

  Tick off response “guangzhou passengers were owners cut finger:” owner get banned   Travel released on January 29, tick “about guangzhou passengers take tick off by the owner cut finger case”, curre ntly involved owners platform has been permanently banned account.Passengers to January 27th, Mr Zhan g (not his real name) call tick travel security customer service hotline for feedback: on January 26th downwind car is clo se to in the process, will be arrived at the destination by the owner to ask price 100 yuan, after passengers do not ag ree, the two sides in a dispute over owners use knives to passengers finger cut.Read More →

What are the requirements for network anchor in while she was on dress?What are the requirements for minors network alone li ve out?In the future, these are standard can depend on.Standardization institute and wuhan city, hubei province 28 i n wuhan software industry association jointly issued the “live online platform management norms” and “live webcast anchor management nor ms”.This is our country formally launched the first network broadcast group standards. The two specification contains live platform platform for the anchor monitoring, account supervision, insp ections, and other aspects of content, and the dress code of anchor, access standards, broadcast content of the spec ification.The liveRead More →

The Beijing news dispatch (reporter Zhou Xiao)In South Korea after the Asian cup campa ign, the south Korean international Kim min zai on your personal social account today announced that he will be in the new season to join Beijing HeGuoAn. Beijing guoan‘s choice of foreign aid has been focused on this year, because the team ha s been augusto, cumbria and ella three foreign aid, combined with the team to play th e champions league, so speculation that the club will be the last places for foreign aid “outside”.Kim min zai name previo usly had spread, the national security aspect also admitted he wasRead More →

  17, Britain’s prince Philip driving a land rover freelander, hit after another kia car overturned, he is fine, however, another car has 1 wounded.After 5 days, prince Philip, apologized to the victims, he explained that originally the road is very familiar with, but the dazzling sunshine he couldn’t see the front, and accident.   Prince Philip, 97, Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii’s husband.In a car accident happened two days later, prince Philip w as spotted driving the new car on the road again, this time even not wearing your seatbelt.   , according to the guardian, the daily mirror newspaper reported the accident occurred in 17 at 3Read More →

Overseas network January 27 (north American aerospace defense command (NORAD) 27 public affairs, said on Saturday (26) Russia’s strategic bombers flying over the arctic ocean cause tension in NORAD, according to the established training so that the us and Canada combined five aircraft scrambled. The xinhua news agency data figure According to itar-tass reported that on January 26, north American aerospace de fense command confirmed that the two Russian figure 160 strategic bombers into C anada area air defense recognition, but not at the stage of international airspace in Canada airspace.Then, the north A merican aerospace defense command sent a E – 3 planes, theRead More →

Overseas network on January 26 in Louisiana st. Louis, a duty policemen on Thursday (24) hours of the morning, with a fr ee female colleague in my apartment to play with the “Russian roulette” (in the left hand cartridge slot into one or more bul let, arbitrary rotating wheel, turn off the wheel and shoot), accidentally shot and killed a female colleague.At present, the involved male police charged with manslaughter, st. Louis prosecutor’s office on Friday (25) for his criminal charg es, the police are investigating why the male police officers on duty in his apartment. Comprehensive, CBS and fox news reported on January 24thRead More →

  Love to watch comedy friends must have for Shen Teng this name is very familiar with, in today’s flowers come dian outbreak, he and his team of happy twist is one of the best.Comfortable spri ng evening since the first time to show the audience, they more and more exc ellent works, word of mouth is getting better and better.Now, they all team film ou t several, every one can get good grades.So why Shen Teng can achieve such a success?Because he is play essence of this right.   Shen Teng comedy face land, everywhere, even on a magazine cover is Shen Teng style, let aRead More →

Venezuela’s more independence for the country’s opposition leaders melon “inter im President”, and won support from the us, to make the country into a serious political crisis. 24, the United States is still in the, in the day of the organization of American sta tes conference, spokesman urged 35 members, calling for it should be ad mitted that the government “melon” as soon as possible. In addition at the meeting, the United Stat es on behalf of, the secretary of state, peng admire Mr Also announced that, at the request of the melon many America prepare to provide more than $20 million (RMB 135 million)Read More →