Pad Air and iPad mini, the company’s first refresh for those products in years.   Typically Apple (AAPL) creates fanfare around the arrival of new hardware. But this year it wants the focus of its upcoming spring press event to be on its rumored streaming service. That’s why the company let the world know about its new iPads in a press release.   The iPad Air comes with a bigger 10.5-inch display (starting at $499), and the iPad mini has the same 7.9-inch screen (starting at $399). The devices support the Apple Pencil for the first time and a processor that’s three times faster than the previousRead More →

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is making a strong push into overseas markets, after it strengthened its position as the second-largest player on its home turf. The Guangdong-based company believes that its 10 years of experience in explorin g foreign countries, and its growing pool of patents and international talent, will help it to go global in a better way. Two days ahead of the Feb 25-28 Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the largest annual telecommunications gathering in Spain, Oppo unveiled its first 5G sm artphone and announced that four foreign telecom carriers are to be among the first to sell the 5G model. Oppo said itsRead More →

 nut of European smartphone market where most handsets are sold in large retail chains and by local telecom operators. Also, European consumers are different from their Chinese counterpart s in terms of product preferences. For instance, European consumers are not big fans of bea utifying photos. As a result, the company has to work hard to localize its products. Although Oppo is a well-known brand among European tel ecom industry professionals, awareness about it among the consumers is not high. “It takes time to build a brand, with careful consideration nee ded to decide what forms of marketing and product com munications are appropriate. WeRead More →

with key industry partners such as Qualcomm, Dolby and Nokia. This strategy is expected to clear the patent obstacles for Oppo to better serve global consumers in the 5G era, said Fu Liang, an independent telecom analyst. “Talent is what we are in dire need of, to explore overseas market,” Wu said. Oppo aims to have 90 percent of its Europe-based staff sourced from the local talent po ol, so as to better tap into the design and art scholars from local universities. The company said it currently has over 40,000 emplo yees globally, with 10 manufacturing facilities and six research institutes across the world.Read More →

  dcast live on Facebook, and a “manifesto” denouncing immigrants as “invaders” was also posted online via links to related social media accounts.   It is customary in Islam to bury the dead within 24 hours but no bodies have been released because of the investigation, police said.   Arden said bodies would be handed over to families from Sunday evening.   ”It is likely, however, to be a small number to begin with,” she told a media briefing, adding that all should be returned by Wednesday.   Ardern said police would be posted at all mosques while they are open.   Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the body of theRead More →

extended her condolences to the victims and their families and people who are affected by the attacks. “Our thoughts go to the victims and their families and everyone that being affect,” Dalziel said . She also acknowledged the extraordinary response from the police and first responders. “An attack on the Muslin community is an attack on us, on Christchurch and on New Zealand,” Dalziel said. She believed that Christchurch people will go thro ugh this together by “looking after each other … in many diverse communities in our city.” Calling the event “an unspeakable tragedy,” the mayor told Xinhua, “We need to make sure thatRead More →

that a stay of less than 24 hours on the mainland will not be counted as a day, and the count started from Jan. 1 this year. The adjustment marked more generous tax exemptions on overseas-sourced incomes of foreigne rs and non-mainland citizens working in the mainland. The move will attract more foreign investm ent and overseas talent to work in the mainland, the STA said in a statement on its website. Previously, the exemption was for tax residents who have lived on the mainland for less than five years.A house collapse triggered by a lan dslide in North China’s Shanxi province has caused 10Read More →

  in the vest. A second officer fired back and hit the suspect, Splinter said.   Both the officer and the suspect were transported to a local hospital, and the officer was treated and released. The suspect is listed in critical condition.   Police said that per their policy, the identities of the officers involved will be released after 48 hours.   The incident brings to mind the movie “Ocean’s Eleven.” In the film, Danny Ocea n (Clooney), Pitt and other accomplices plan a heist on several casinos, including the Bellagio.   Parts of Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska are grappling with the aftermath of a powerful “bomb cyclone” that turnedRead More →

  India’s second-richest man is giving billions to charity in what may be the country’s biggest single donation ever.   Azim Premji, the billionaire chairman of Wipro (WIT), is handing shares in the tech company worth nearly 530 billion rupees ($7.5 billion) to his philanthropic foundation.   The tech tycoon has now donated a total of $21 billion to the Azim Premji Foundat ion over several years, including 67% of Wipro’s shares, the foundation said in a statement.   Premji, 73, has a fortune of more than $18 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.   He was the first Indian to sign the Giving Pledge, a campaign started byRead More →

  at the mosque. He remembered his mother was at their property waiting to meet a contractor. He texted her. She was safe.   Then he saw the video broadcast live from a camera fixed to the gunman’s helmet. It showed the gunman using the family’s driveway as a base to store his loaded weapons.   ”I couldn’t believe it, that the guy had literally parked in our driveway and walked into the mosque, walked back to our driveway and back into the mosque,” South said.   When police arrived they helped Harrison get out of the house and over the back fence. “She wa sn’t allowed to leaveRead More →